Kalamazoo’s Annual Wellness and Recovery Fair

It happens every September…

A celebration of National Recovery Month, because...  

Recovery is Happening in Kalamazoo!

Kalamazoo’s Annual Wellness & Recovery Fair brings people together from all over the county in celebration of recovery from mental health and/or addiction concerns.

This event showcases local resources, businesses and organizations that are providing support to the recovery community. We also offer an opportunity for real people living in recovery (peers) to display their talents and artistry.

In addition to the booths, we provide food, fun, games, a cake walk, a DJ, and so much more for the whole family to join in on.

Please keep in touch with us over the next year by following the Wellness & Recovery Fair facebook page or by signing up to get our email announcements. Let’s make sure to celebrate together again next year!


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The fair is organized by the Fair Planning Committee. This group of peers and advocates strives to empower others who are in recovery from substance use and mental health concerns. Recovery Institute has been fortunate to serve as the fair fiduciary and fair planning meeting place every year.

Special thanks goes out to our co-hosts, moral supporters and primary financial sponsors for the fair: