Promoting 3rd Annual Kalamazoo Wellness & Recovery Fair at the Do Dah Parade

Promoting 3rd Annual Kalamazoo Wellness & Recovery Fair at the Do Dah Parade

Member of the Community Collaborative, who have been planning for this year's 3rd Annual Kalamazoo Wellness and Recovery Fair, participated in the Do Dah Parade June 3rd.  We passed out 1,000 stickers advertising the Fair and had a great time.  Parade organizers encouraged participants to come up with a theme that reflected "Healthy Energy," so we made signs and costumes that one way or another, it is the Do Dah Parade, related to "Recharge Recovery!"  


Third Annual Kalamazoo Wellness & Recovery Fair (2017)

11am - 3pm

Thursday September 21

Bronson Park, Kalamazoo

In Celebration of National Recovery Month

We meet on the first Tuesday of every month at Recovery Institute from noon to 1pm to plan the fair.  

All are welcome, so please join us.

The Kalamazoo Wellness and Recovery Fair brings together people from all over Kalamazoo to celebrate recovery. Many individual in recovery sponsor booths to showcase their talent and area organizations sponsor booths to show the support and resources they offer our community in support of recovery.  Recover is Happening in Kalamazoo, so please join us September 21st!  

In addition to the booths, we bring a food truck, have a DJ and lots of other fun activities.  Please keep in touch with us over the next year, by following the event facebook page or sign up to get email announcements, so together we can celebrate again next year.  

The Fair was planned and organized by the Peer Collaborative, a committee of people in recovery (peers) who are advocates for empowering people to succeed in recovery from substance use and mental health concerns. Recovery Institute was fortunate enough to serve as the Fair fiduciary and meeting place for all the planners. Please join us in taking a moment to give a special thanks to our principal moral supporters and financial sponsors for the fair:

Kalamazoo Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services


Southwest Michigan Behavioral Health

 The following organizations added flavor and information by sponsoring  booths:

1. Overeaters Anonymous

2. Ministry with Community

3. InterAct of Michigan

4. The Alano Club

5. The Recovery Institute of Southwest Michigan

6. Gospel Mission

7. National Alliance on Mental Illness of Kalamazoo

8. Celebrate Recovery

9. Depression Bipolar Support Alliance of Kalamazoo

10. Keystone Drop In

11. Mothers of Hope

12. Borgess Medical Center

13. Kalamazoo Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

14. Douglass Community Center

15. Community Living Options

16. Victory Clinical Services

17. Families Against Narcotics

19. PUG – Phase Up Group

20. Creative Awakenings

21. Catholic Charities Diocese of Kalamazoo

22. Gryphon Place

23. Kalamazoo Gay Lesbian Resource Center

24. Southwest Michigan Behavioral Health

25. Family & Children Services

26. GFM Synergy Center

27. Recovery Oriented Systems of Care Stakeholders

28. WMU Behavioral Health Services